taxidermy and INSTAR = wonder and magic

Its been an incredible journey for INSTAR to have been given access to the extensive collection at Nottingham Natural History Museum. Opening April 2014, this temporary exhibition has the INSTAR colour, darkness, science and art….

With a hippo skeleton centre stage, this exhibition combines the art of taxidermy and museum exhibiting and we hope you find our design and concept of open cases truly exciting.

Thereby Hangs a Tail is open only on weekends throughout April at Wollaton Park, Nottingham, UK.  Open from 11 – 4 each Saturday and Sunday. Resident restorer and taxidermist Chris Orgill is also hosting live restoration within the gallery in his spectacular custom built studio.  We hope you enjoy!




INSTAR taxidermy exhibition nottingham natural history museum 2014
INSTAR taxidermy exhibition nottingham natural history museum 2014

INSTAR taxidermy exhibition nottingham natural history museum 2014


taxidermy studio

a great final day for BAT exhibition


That was certainly a very creative few months for INSTAR…. and it does not end here… as plans are already afoot for our next sci-art adventure……

This weekend we had record numbers at the YARD gallery Wollaton Hall, with over 1050 visitors (they were the ones we managed to count…..) on Sunday alone!  Here are some pics from the exhibition… more images to follow shortly.


BAT events coming up!

With over 2500 visitors BAT so far, we are very excited to further promote our events programme which accompanies our exhibition!

Please note that our BAT walk and talk this Thursday is SOLD OUT.… but we do still have spaces for the following FREE event… but reserve your place quickly to avoid disappointment!

WINGS ON THEIR FINGERS (click here to link to our flyer)


image by Dorit Hockman


Also, for families (all ages welcome) we have a great FREE session on Sunday from 10:30am – 12:30pm

first floor

First Floor Theatre invites families to discover the world through the eyes of a bat to create your own stories and shadow puppets inspired by the hidden, twilight world of bats. Through this explorative, creative workshop create your own imaginative shadow performance to share with family and friends at the end of the session.





over 1200 visitors on our open weekend at Wollaton

an incredible first weekend for our BAT exhibition at YARD, with over 1200 visitors! and lets not forget the 9 dogs too…..

Starting off with the outdoor showing of Batman: Dark Knight Rises, our launch nocturnal opening of BAT was great fun, with some very very unusual and unique origami bats being made for our gallery roost!

This morning kicked off with some family batty poetry running alongside our exhibition!  a wonderful chance to see audiences loving science and art and engaging in interactive exhibits.

A huge thank you to our bat expert Chris who was on hand to answer questions about bats and also to all those who have helped us so far in pulling off our exhibition, it feels great and exciting to know that our programme has started…

Next week don’t forget we have our family theatre workshops with First Floor Theatre, booking is essential for this! Rachael Young will be delivering interactive workshops inspired by sounds and senses of bats….  check out our events page for more details.

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